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Tooth Cracked Under Crown?

May 30, 2023
Tooth Cracked Under Crown?

If you believe you’ve cracked a tooth underneath a crown, you should call your dentist ASAP. A tooth that has cracked inside or underneath a crown is considered a dental emergency. Read on to learn about different types of cracks that may develop in teeth and why immediate treatment is essential.

Types of cracks that can develop in teeth

Treatment for a tooth that has cracked depends upon the type and severity of the crack.

Crack at Gum Line

If the anatomical crown (white, visible part of the tooth) breaks off at the gum line, your options are limited. If there is enough tooth structure remaining, your dentist may be able to perform a root canal and place a crown over the tooth.

Crack Below Gum Line

In some cases, a crack may extend through the anatomical crown of the tooth, all the way beneath the gum line. In this case, the tooth will need to be extracted. Options for replacing a tooth include a dental bridge, dental implant or a partial denture.

Root Fracture Under Crown

Root canals have an impressive 95% success rate. However, a root canal may occasionally fail, and the tooth may fracture due to the brittleness of the tooth over time. 

Cracked Porcelain Crown

If you have a porcelain crown on a tooth, it can develop fractures or cracks just like a natural tooth. If your dental crown sustains a tiny fracture, your dentist will have to remake the crown. 

Symptoms of a cracked tooth

You cannot always see a crack in a tooth. However, you will likely experience one of the common symptoms of a cracked tooth:

  • Intermittent pain, particularly when chewing
  • Swelling around the gum
  • New sensitivity to hot or cold foods that last for more than a couple of seconds
  • Sensitivity to sugary food
  • General tooth or gum pain

What happens if I don’t get a cracked tooth treated?

If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of a cracked tooth and you ignore them, serious complications are likely to develop. Any pain you’re experiencing is expected to worsen. You will likely struggle to chew comfortably and may experience greater tooth sensitivity. This is because the tooth will begin to decay. As the decay spreads, an infection will eventually develop in the tooth, leading to significant pain or the development of a dental abscess.  

On a broader scale, poor oral health puts your overall health at risk. Diabetes, stroke and heart disease are all linked with poor oral health. So, if you suspect you’ve cracked a tooth, don’t delay seeking treatment.

Treatment for cracked teeth in Merrick, NY

At Elite Family Dental Care in New York, our dentists have decades of experience treating all types of fractures and cracks in teeth. To schedule an emergency dental appointment for a cracked tooth, call 516-608-0001 or use our online form to notify our team of your dental emergency. 

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